Real Estate

We aim to meet the specific needs of twenty-first century property sales, lettings and professional property management & development.

Quantity Surveying

We provide a range of Professional Quantity Surveying, Estimating and Tendering services tailored to meet our clients requirements.

Structural/Services Engineering

We provide structural/services engineering for the full spectrum of all projects..

Maintenance Works

We are also responsible for providing the services needed to maintain buildings or structures in good working order.

Company Profile

Gideomania Limited (GL) is a multi-Level Construction, Services and Consultancy Company owned and managed by experienced top profile Ghanaian experts legally operating in Ghana. GL mainly aims at offering quality consultancy services that give our cherished clients the best value for money and optimum cost savings.

Underpinning our vision, GL has a strong desire to assist national development effort through provision of Construction and consultancy services that ensures absolute optimization of resources.